What does express mean?

Express means to us


Priority transportation

Own Air-Way-Bill

No bulk shipment

Fair Charges

No splitting costs in the receiving country



Each shipment can be tracked online.


Your customer can also see the status of the shipment online and you save yourself a lot of questions

Advantages of express delivery at Munich Airport:

Optimize your shipping process with our express shipping at Munich Airport! Our service offers you numerous advantages. With our fast delivery time, your parcels will reach their destination in record time. Our special security procedures minimize the risk of parcel loss. Our express shipping service enables you to handle your shipping tasks efficiently. You also benefit from our first-class customer service, which is available to you around the clock. Choose our express shipping service at Munich Airport now and relieve your company of time-consuming shipping tasks. Use our service and optimize your business model. Seize the opportunity and rely on quality and speed!

Time savings through efficient and fast service

"Express shipping" offers you unbeatable time savings thanks to our efficient and lightning-fast service. Our qualified team ensures that your shipments arrive safely and on time. No delays, no disappointments. With "Express Shipping", you can rely on us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Benefit from our expertise and experience the difference a first-class delivery service can make. Contact us today and experience the "express delivery" difference. We look forward to serving you.

Flexibility in the choice of delivery time

With our "Express delivery" product, you can take control of your deliveries. You have the flexibility to choose the exact delivery time that suits your needs. Whether it's an urgent business shipment or a last-minute gift, we'll make sure your shipment arrives on time. With "Express Shipping", your parcel will always have priority. Trust in our experience and reliability. Take advantage of "Express Shipping" to simplify your everyday life and offer your customers the best service. Opt for "Express shipping" now.

Convenient collection or delivery to the desired location

With our express delivery service, we not only offer you fast and reliable delivery, but also flexibility in terms of collection and delivery. You choose the location and we take care of the rest. Our service guarantees convenient delivery to your desired location or simple collection. Rely on our expertise and enjoy a stress-free shipping process. Benefit from our express shipping and experience the difference. Act now and simplify your shipping process with us!

High service quality and customer satisfaction

Sichern Sie sich mit Expressversand eine hohe Servicequalität und Kundenzufriedenheit. Unser Service zeichnet sich durch Geschwindigkeit und Zuverlässigkeit aus, die Ihre Kunden begeistern wird. Mit uns ist Ihr Paket immer pünktlich und sicher am Bestimmungsort. Unsere Leistungen sorgen dafür, dass Sie immer einen Schritt voraus sind und Ihren Kunden das Beste bieten. Heben Sie sich von der Konkurrenz ab und bauen Sie eine starke Kundenbindung auf. Nutzen Sie Expressversand für Ihre Geschäftsziele. Probieren Sie unseren Service heute noch aus und erleben Sie den Unterschied. Ihre Zufriedenheit ist unsere Priorität. Entscheiden Sie sich jetzt für Expressversand.

Possibility to use express delivery for various requirements

Experience the efficiency of Express Shipping! Our service is ideal for various requirements - whether business or private. With Express Shipping, you can be sure of fast, reliable delivery. Time is money - save both with our fast delivery. Our service is available around the clock, so you never have to wait for your important consignments. Secure the benefits of express delivery now and experience the difference! Use Express Shipping for all your shipping needs. Don't wait any longer, choose Express Shipping today!


There are countless ways to track your shipments with express services on the World Wide Web. But why bother with different websites when you can have everything in one place?


With us, we offer you the ultimate solution for keeping track of all your shipments. Our platform not only covers the well-known express providers, but also a wide range of cargo airlines. This means you can find all the information you need in one place.


Efficiency: Our user-friendly system makes tracking a breeze. Simply enter your shipment number and we'll provide you with instant information.


Variety: We not only cover express carrier tracking, but also a variety of cargo airlines and ocean carriers. No matter who you're shipping with, we've got you covered.


Monitoring the status of your shipments has never been easier. Discover the future of express and freight tracking today!


  • No long waiting times for departure
  • No mixing with other shipments
  • Your customer can pickup the goods immediately after customs clearance
  • We can have your shipment delivered anywhere at the most favorable conditions
  • You get your money faster from the customer, usually only after receipt of the goods
  • No expensive packaging costs, as with sea freight or by rail.
  • Cheaper insurance costs
  • Less risk of damage
  • Better monitoring
  • real-time tracking

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