Why the comparison of Consol and Direct shipments often lags behind

In the field of logistics and freight forwarding, we often encounter seductive promises from freight forwarding salespeople who compare apples with oranges. A classic example of this is the comparison of Consol shipments with DIRECT shipments.


In this article, we uncover the most common myths and explain why individual shipments are often the better choice.

Problem: comparing apples with oranges

The Truth About Consolidated Shipments

Consolidated shipments, where many shipments are mixed together, may initially seem like a cost-efficient solution. However, there are significant disadvantages, particularly in terms of performance and reliability:


Time Performance: A consolidated shipment takes longer due to the process of combining and dividing shipments. Your shipment must wait until it is profitable for the freight forwarder to dispatch the consolidated shipment. And this only happens when enough volume has been accumulated for that destination.


Delayed Traceability: The transparency and traceability of the shipment in a consolidated shipment are often limited.


Increased Risk: The risk of loss and damage is generally higher with consolidated shipments.

The Hidden Costs of Consolidated Shipments That Can Affect Your Customers!

Although consolidated shipments seem to be a cost-efficient solution, additional fees may incur in the destination country. These can arise from:


Distribution of the Shipment: In the destination country, the bundled goods need to be distributed and delivered to individual recipients. This can result in additional logistics and handling fees.


Customs Duties and Taxes: Depending on the customs regulations of the destination country, additional customs duties or taxes may be levied on the imported goods.


Storage Costs: If the distribution of the shipment takes time, high storage fees may incur.


These costs will then have to be paid by YOUR customer abroad.

The Advantages of DIRECT Shipments

Contrary to consolidated shipments, individual shipments flown with their own Master AWB (Air Waybill) offer numerous advantages:


Speed and Transparency: Individual shipments are faster, and the progress of the shipment can always be transparently tracked.


Reduced Risk: The risk of loss or damage is significantly reduced.


Cost Transparency: Individual shipments eliminate additional costs in the destination country that can arise from the division of consolidated shipments.


Additionally, the possibility to achieve the same cost advantages as a freight forwarder through an AdHoc price. AdHoc prices are flexible pricing structures for freight and logistics services that align with current market conditions. Similar to stock market prices, our AdHoc prices adjust in real-time to supply and demand. This offers our customers the opportunity to benefit from low prices that arise from short-term market changes

Simply ask us for an AdHoc price for a DIRECT shipment:

Within a few minutes you will receive a price quote for a direct shipment,

with your own master airwaybill, which you can accept immediately.


 You will then receive our offer containing all the relevant details:


Please send your request either informally to  anfrage@csi-logistics.de  or via our form here


It is important to understand the differences between consolidated and individual shipments and not to be deceived by seemingly cheap offers. In many cases, individual shipments offer higher efficiency, safety, and transparency. As your reliable partner in logistics, we are happy to provide you with detailed advice on your shipping options and help you find the best solution for your individual needs.


Visit our website for more information and to learn how we can help you optimize your logistics processes. We stand for clear facts and transparent solutions – without any logistics fairy tales.

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