Bereiten Sie sich auf die Peak-Season vor.

Peak season in logistics is a phase in which the volume of goods shipped, for example from Asia, increases significantly. This usually occurs at certain times of the year when seasonal influences or economic events greatly increase the demand for imported goods.

Capacity on cargo ships and aircraft is usually at full and competition for space intensifies. Early booking of cargo space is essential.

Our goal is to ensure that your supply chain is optimally managed during peak season so that your imports can be handled successfully and cost-efficiently. Contact your freight forwarder early to avoid delays or cancellations.

We have handled hundreds of thousands of shipments worldwide and satisfied thousands of customers. Contact us, we will be glad to help you.


CSI - International Logistics

Peter Grabowski

Cargo Modul C / 4th floor

85356 Munich-Airport

Warehouse directly at the airport

Phone: 089 9733 044 10


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CSI-GmbH International Logistics

Cargo Modul C / 4.  Floor

Munich Airport / GERMANY

Tel: +49 89 9733 044 10






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